like ships in the night;

Time to get out of the house again,


I’ve been hiding long enough.


Welcome back to society. You’d be one of the.. few. ‘Cause everyone else is hiding away this summer.

warriorelenagilbert: [text] The last few months have been pretty crazy and I know I unintentionally pushed some people away. Lost touch. I wanted to say sorry for that.

[text] Hey, Elena, no need to apologize, I get it. All too well. Don’t apologize. You’re doing better now?

warriorelenagilbert: [text] I know. And it's been too long. I hope nobody took the job away from me while I was gone.

[text] The job will always be yours. Not that some haven’t happily covered for you while you were gone though, and may believe it’s now theirs.

Title: Hey Ho

Artist: Hinder

Played: 160 times

warriorelenagilbert: [text] Right. [text] You were seconds away from going into thief mode.

[text] You’re mean. You’re just really mean to me.

[text] I was. I was getting the leather ready and everything.

warriorelenagilbert: [text] Do you think I'm being serious or are you just playing along?

[text] Uhm, both…?

[text] Playing along, definitely playing along. Sorta.

warriorelenagilbert: [text] Was thinking of going shoplifting and was just wondering if you had any tips.

[text] Without me? Okay, now I’m just hurt.

[text] You know I always have tips when it comes to theft. Am I just the teacher this time around?